About J.T. Grainger

J.T. Grainger is a fantasy/science fiction author. He was born in Henderson, Kentucky and grew up in Evansville, Indiana. Since his youth, he has always been fascinated by tales that involve imaginary worlds or contain extraordinary elements.    

Mr. Grainger holds a degree from Indiana University and worked at a public high school for a number of years providing support and services to students with special needs.

Currently, he resides in Southern California with his wife, Missy, his dog, Charles Xavier, and two cats, Harley Quinn and Ivy. He has a daughter, Shi, who graduated from Stanford and works for a satellite start up company in California and a son, Kamri, who graduated from Purdue University and works in business consulting. 

Mr. Grainger also loves traveling, has been fortunate enough to have visited more than 50 countries and co-runs a budget travel site with his spouse called Tightwad Trips

Since 2018, he has released a combination of adult and children’s print books and audio that are available on Amazon, Amazon/Kindle Vella and at many fine online retailers and independent book stores.

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