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The World Beyond the Stairs

Mary's Journey

(Book 1 of 4)

On her drive home from work, Mary Reynolds is caught in a horrific ice storm and takes refuge at her grandmother’s house for the night. Unbeknownst to her, she opens an invisible passageway to a strange new world called Divinity.

In this wondrous land, adults resemble children and all living creatures communicate through a special telepathic bond.

Is it reality or merely a dream? Be among the first to read Mary’s Journey and decide for yourself. 

Intended for all ages.

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The World Beyond the Stairs

Mary's Journey


Read by UK Narrator, Hannah Barnes. The story of “Mary’s Journey” is vividly brought to life.  

Coming Summer 2023!

The World Beyond the Stairs

The Northern Lands

(Book 2 of 4)

Mary’s search to find a way back to her world continues.

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Humans Are Strange Creatures

Ever wonder what your pet was thinking?

Well, this story is a brief look into the mind of a dog named Bailey and how he finds the things that his human family does very odd.

Intended for Ages 3-7.


Holly the Elf

A Christmas Tale

When Holly the Elf discovers a broken toy at Santa’s workshop, she fears that Christmas might be ruined for a deserving child. It’s the day before Christmas Eve. Time is running out. Can she find someone at the workshop who will repair the toy before Santa’s big flight?

Intended for Ages 4-9.


Night Sheen

The First BLACK American Superhero

During the American Civil War Era, a young runaway slave named Nat Clayhorne suddenly finds himself endowed with miraculous abilities.

The only question is: Now that he has them, how will he choose to use them?

Warning: Intended for Ages 18+. Episodes contain strong language, adult themes and mature content.


The Joyriders


Jamal and K.P. were just a couple of bored teenagers looking for a little fun. Then, one Friday night, they “borrowed” a neighbor’s car and found themselves 30 years in the future.

Warning: Intended for Ages 13+. Episodes contain some mild language and adult humor.


The Mysterious World of Divinity

Mary was just looking for a nice warm place to stay for the night. Then, she stumbled upon a strange new world called Divinity. In this extraordinary land, humans and animals speak to one another and society is governed by a man that is said to be a god.

Will Mary ever find a way home? Or, will she be doomed to remain in this new world forever? Find out for yourself and be among the first to experience…The Mysterious World of Divinity.

Warning: Episodes contain some mild language, violence and adult humor.


Mr. Universe

vs. Humanity

Things were already going bad for Marcus Garber. Now, he’s in for a whole universe of torment.

From the fractured mind of J.T. Grainger, author of “Night Sheen: The First BLACK American Superhero“, comes a dark adult comedy about a frustrated powerful being known simply as…”Mr. Universe”.

Warning: Intended for Ages 18+. Episodes contain strong language, adult themes/humor and mature content.

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